Foods That Boost Your Immune System


Your health can be determined by how strong your immune system is. You will be able to avoid catching diseases and viruses such as colds, which have high transmission rates. For those who have weak immune systems, you can boost it through many ways.

Top foods that strengthen the immune system

Among the many ways through which you can enhance your immune system includes eating healthy diets. There are particular foods which have the effects of boosting immunity. Some of the main ones are highlighted below.


Yogurt can be a tasteful treat to yourself while boosting your immunity at the same time. It contains some probiotics that increase healthy bacteria found in the gut. The healthy bacteria help in killing disease-causing germs. The live and active cultures found in yogurt also have the ability to boost your immunity by stimulating the white blood cells in the body.


Tea contains lots of antioxidants, amino acids, and L-theanine, which are quite essential to a healthy immune system. This is more in green tea compared to black tea due to the processing methods. You should also opt for the decaf versions of the tea you buy. Ensure that you take the tasty beverage a couple of times a day to get the most out of it.


garlicGarlic is usually used in cooking to enhance the flavor of various dishes. It contains allicin, an active ingredient that can fight developing infections and bacteria in the body. The result is a stronger immune system, as you will not be viable to the diseases that may be caused by the bacteria. A recommended amount of about six cloves per week included in your diet can reduce your chances of getting colorectal cancer by up to 30% and stomach cancer by up to 50%.

Bone broth

Bone broth has the ability to reduce the symptoms of IBS, strengthen the gut, and ward off illnesses. It also reduces inflammation in the body and promotes healthy bones. You can make bone broth by cooking bones with vegetables, natural spices, and water, or you can simply mix broth powder with water. Bone marrow found in the broth is also a super food, which contains a high mineral concentration that is important to maintaining a healthy immune system. It is recommended that you take the broth in the morning if you wish to get the most benefits from it.